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Solipsism, image from Angelopoulos' Ulysses Gaze

Solipsism, or towards a moral framework

After ending one post on solipsism, it seems that some form of qualification is necessary in order for it not to be regarded as paradoxical. A general argument for a solipsist inconsistency is that upon making his (usually his!) statement, the solipsist returns home to his loving wife / children / family. There is, in other words, some paradoxical relation between the statements of a solipsist and his behavior. However, this seems to be an...

Pinocchio's nose paradox

Pinocchio’s nose paradox

When Collodi wrote The Adventures of Pinocchio (original at [amazon asin=1482557142&text=Amazon]), his intentions must have been to point out the link between truth and reality. It is in this sense that Pinocchio wants to be a real boy (as Disney aptly reminds us more often than it should have), but it is his numerous acts of deceit that prevent him (it?) from becoming one. This relation between truth and reality remains pertinent in much of...

Everybody loves sex

All men are getting lucky all the time, and all the women are virgins

There is this old movie, I am guessing it was the 80’s, where the main character wakes up one morning, makes himself a cup of coffee (or tea), and gets to work (or maybe he was a student, which is work in some sense). In that first scene, we hear him think (or was it speak out loud?): “If all men are getting lucky all the time, and all the women are virgins; who is...