All men are getting lucky all the time, and all the women are virgins

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All men are getting lucky all the time, and all the women are virgins

There is this old movie, I am guessing it was the 80’s, where the main character wakes up one morning, makes himself a cup of coffee (or tea), and gets to work (or maybe he was a student, which is work in some sense). In that first scene, we hear him think (or was it speak out loud?):

“If all men are getting lucky all the time, and all the women are virgins; who is lying?”

With this in mind, paradox of the day started as a blog, which is also today’s paradox.

Certainly, to this paradox one has an easy solution: they (we) are both lying. Bar an occasional George Clooney (Amal Alamuddin) or Brad Pit (Angelina Jolie) among us, I doubt anybody is getting lucky all the time.

Those of us in a long term relationship, would remember the days when they did get lucky all the time. And those of us without a relationship – they certainly look forward to that moment.

But as with everything else concerning sexuality, there is little reality to any of the two. Or as Freud would very generously remind us, sexuality is not in the reality, but of the subconscious.
It is my suspicion that none of us really want to get lucky all the time. (A side-thought: getting lucky is really a bad euphemism). Quite the opposite, it is the yearning, the desire, the want, etc.

Recently, Slavoj Zizek pointed out that, in his usual strange ways, though this time somehow more apologetically than usual, that for women sexuality has more to do with the word. That is, that the act of telling and hearing the sexual desires/fantasies for women constitutes a higher satisfaction than the act itself.

Do I have a solution to the paradox? No, and I doubt many of the following posts will have either (hence paradox!). It is interesting though how every person approaches a paradox from a different angle.

Oh, and the movie – I always thought it was Short Circuit from 1986; but it would seem I am wrong. Perhaps someone could help me out?

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