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Zizek on neighbourly love

Zizek on neighbourly love

It is relatively well known that Zizek calls himself a ‘Christian atheist’ – paradoxical as that may sound. In this post, let us have a look at a particular statement from Christ, ‘love thy neighbour as thyself’ that Zizek gives a particular spin to. This is, as readers of Zizek would expect, a political statement, not simply a moral or religious one; and it is in this sense that Zizek can entertain the relationship between...

Benjamin Arditi, On the Political, Schmitt

Paradox of the political – Benjamin Arditi

In a long time of absence, a lot of thoughts come to mind. And yet, it remains very difficult to write about them. Everywhere one looks, he encounters one paradox or another – and yet, little writing is a result. My phone is by now full of paradoxes to write about. So an attempt has to be made to make the list somewhat smaller. Today’s paradox is to be found in Benjamin Arditi’s view of...

Phil Ochs, and evening with Salvador Allende

Phil Ochs – Changes (+ guitar chords)

In an interview in 1967, Phil Ochs is introduced in a peculiar way. The hostess of ‘Come, read to me a poem’ summarizes Ochs by saying: “Much of the poetry written today, is the poetry written as music … much of that music has beautiful words to it too”. And isn’t that the case with this particular ‘poem’. Phil Ochs was more than just a musician, he was a 68’er. This is not recognized by Anglo-Saxons...