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Nietzsche and the Jews

Nietzsche and the Jews

“Don’t let in any more Jews! And lock the doors to the east in particular (even to Austria)!” – so commands the instinct of a people whose type is still weak and indeterminate enough to blur easily and be easily obliterated by a stronger race.” Beyond Good and Evil, §251 The place of Jews is notoriously controversial in Nietzsche’s body of work. Ever since his sister Elisabeth took charge of editing his manuscripts, there has...

Dola Indidis, sues Israel for killing Jesus

Kenyan lawyer sues ‘Israel’ for killing Jesus

This is admittedly some old news, but it just came to my attention recently. As it happens, a Kenyan lawyer – Dola Indidis – is suing Israel (among other entities, including the state of Italy, King Herod and Emperor Tiberius – as well as the very vague ones ‘Jewish teachers of law’ and ‘Jewish elders’) for the death of Jesus Christ. His aim is to bring those responsible to justice. An admirable aim, no doubt. That...

Holocaust memorial in Thessaloniki

The Holocaust denial paradox

A curious thought appears whenever you hear someone deny the Holocaust. After a brief repulsion towards the denier, you start thinking: what if he (again, usually a he) is right? What if indeed the holocaust did not happen? No Jews were murdered (nay, massacred), and no gas chambers existed? What if it is all set up? And then something interesting happens. You realize that the person denying the holocaust is someone who would be on...