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What is Renaissance Philosophy?

What is Renaissance Philosophy?

As in other disciplines, the Renaissance period in philosophy falls between the Medieval and Modern periods and cover the thinkers of the 15th and 16th centuries. It is sometimes argued that the Renaissance period forms the foundation for Modern philosophy, because it gradually sways away from thinking in traditional terms and focuses on Reason – which, arguably, is at the centre of Modernity. Etymologically, Renaissance is derived from French and means ‘rebirth’. The aim of...

Linear history vs. cyclical history

The ‘history repeats itself’ paradox – part 1

The popularized proverb ‘history repeats itself’ is somehow paradoxical. On the one hand, most if not all states in the world teach history in progressive terms (i.e. as linear); yet, majority of people actually believe that history repeats itself. How is that possible? We can put the question somewhat differently: If history repeats itself, we should be able to avoid the mistakes from the past; but we do not – and hence we say that history...