The bird sign turns rhino

Bird on a no-bird sign

The bird sign turns rhino

Over the last couple of days, and image has resurfaced on the net with the a bird on a no-bird sign. Humorous as the sign is, it is in fact photoshoped. It is surprising how many people have taken the sign to be real – as if birds would follow human signs. Interestingly enough, the bird sign is not even the original one. As the user on Pinterest by the name of The Awkward Yeti claims, at least, the original unedited image is of a rhino.

Not that this makes it any better. It is quite amusing, to say the least, to think that people would take these signs as real. Think for a moment, why would a rhino (or a bird) look at a sign? And even more, why would it follow it? We as humans are very gullible, but we do have an intellect that tells us that making signs for animals is ridiculous. So … we don’t! In that, I dare anyone to send me an unedited raw image of any signs that are intended for animals.

There is quite some things to say about our gullibility and morality, but I’d rather leave that for more political posts and leave humorous signs to remain just that – humorous.

Rhino on no-rhino sign

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  1. Po mo says:

    To be honest, it could mean you’re not allowed to walk your Rhino over there…

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