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old picture of Statue of Liberty

How democracy leads to tyranny; or, how Socrates predicted Trump (et al.)

One question often posed to philosophers, and indeed one circulating on online fora somewhat too often, is the relevance of philosophy today. In this article, I want to show that relevance by looking at something deeply entrenched in American politics today – the election (and possible re-election) of Donald Trump as the president of the United States. In order to address Trump’s election, we have to ask whether Trump is not in essence a democratic...

Charles Bridge in Prague Czech Republic at dawn

Buridan’s bridge, which makes an ass out of Socrates

After connecting the paradox of choice to Buridan’s ass yesterday (it also connects to Protagoras vs. Euathlus case discussed before that), another one came to mind. Buridan’s bridge, as this paradox is primarily known, although Buridan simply called it ‘You will throw me in the water’, involves Plato, Socrates and a …. bridge. As Buridan recounts the story: “Let us posit the case that Plato is the master of the bridge and that he guards it...