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Laclau and Mouffe’s discourse theory

Laclau and Mouffe’s discourse theory

In their seminal 1985 Hegemony and Socialist Strategy (second edition with a new introduction 2001), Laclau and Mouffe present a rather complex discourse theory. They claim to oppose a number of theoretical traditions (notably, Michel Foucault), to an extent follow Louis Althusser, certainly borrow a lot of Jacques Lacan, but most importantly confuse a lot of readers with numerous new concepts. In this little post, I want to elaborate a little on the common concepts that...

Religion is the opium of the people ...Then ideology is cocaine!!

‘Religion is opium of the people’ paradox

There is a curious case about this much quoted passage. It is almost redundant to point out that this passage has meant for the majority of ‘Marxists’ that religion should be abolished. However, although Marx’ tone may lend to this view, he was also aware of the difficulties inherent to this ‘wish’. In order to understand Marx’ intentions, some context should be provided. To start with, Marx published what was only an introduction to a...