Philosophy of …

Philosophy is a varied subject, with many sub-disciplines. Next to the obvious ones such as Ethics, Moral and Political Philosophy, Epistemology and Logic, here is a list of a few others, including:

Philosophy of Education
(the study of the purpose, process, nature and ideals of education)
Philosophy of History
(the study of the eventual significance, if any, of human history)
Philosophy of Language
(the study of the nature, origins, and usage of language)
Philosophy of Mind
(the study of the nature of mind, consciousness, etc)
Philosophy of Religion
(the study of the nature of religion, God, evil, prayer, etc)
Philosophy of Science
(the study of the assumptions, foundations, and implications of science)

Many other sub-disciplines exist, such as Philosophy of Ethnology (also known as Ethnophilosophy), Philosophy of Law, Philosophy of Mathematics, Philosophy of Psychology, Philosophy of Sociology, Philosophy of Philosophy (also known as Meta-Philosophy), and so on.

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