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Welcome to our Amazon aStore – or what I like to call: ‘Paradox Library’. Your potential order is completely handled by Amazon (placing an order takes you to Amazon website), so you are in safe hands.[*]

[*] A quick note: the default set up is for Amazon to display recommended books. But because their recommendations are not always suitable, I have added categories and a search function. All the books in individual categories have been hand-picked and chosen by me (Ippolit). I have read most of them (though not all of them fully and with the same level of detail/attention), and the ones I haven’t read have been recommended by my colleagues whose opinions I respect. Having said that, I do not necessarily agree with the content/arguments presented by the authors – how could I, as a philosophy student? But I have put a lot of effort in picking these, without running some algorithms based on user interests, etc., and I have done so because I consider these to be of outstanding intellectual merit.

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