Kenyan lawyer sues ‘Israel’ for killing Jesus – some responses

You can find the original post following this link: Kenyan lawyer sues ‘Israel’ for killing Jesus.

What follows are some responses I have gotten from a number of facebook groups. Some are funny, some are serious, but most of them are pretty harmless to be reproduced here.

Andrew Holehouse Yep now we know !, only a kenyan can prove a deity true or false.
Has he remembered he has to prove his existance legally to do this.
The world is full of looney tunes.

Mike Michaels Sueing jews? Good luck with that.

Kenneth Gordon Israel was created in 1948, Jesus if he existed died in 0033 or there abouts. Also it was the Romans who put Jesus on the cross. Pontius Pilot is not even a Jewish name. Someone tell this waste of space to get some more medication.

Amber R. Dunten In addition to be somewhat hilarious, this is actually a genuinely interesting thought experiment from a legal point of view. There are a lot of problems with the concept of suing anyone for the murder of Jesus.
First and most fundamental, how do you win a death case with no body, AND when it’s widely known that the victim was alive and well three days after the alleged murder? I don’t know much Christory, but didn’t he go on to live several more years after that incident? I think the most you could make out here is attempted murder.
Second, the plaintiff also has a huge statute of limitations problem. There is no statute of limitations on murder, but that’s a criminal case prosecuted by the state. Plus, we already figured out there was no death. The most this private plaintiff has is a civil claim for damages resulting from an assault and battery that took place 2,000 years ago.
Third, since this is a civil case, the plaintiff probably has no standing to sue. Jesus himself would clearly have a right to sue for his own injuries, but I doubt this fellow has Jesus Christ’s signature on a retainer agreement. His immediate family might have valid damages as well, but since he is not known to have left any descendants, good luck finding them. So would the bystanders who witnessed the shocking execution, but they’re all long dead and their identities are mostly not known. I’m pretty sure that no matter how popular the victim is, just being an adoring fan who wasn’t even born when all this happened is not enough. (This ties into the question, mentioned in the article, of who should get the damages.)
Then the article mentioned the problem with finding defendants who (a) existed then, (b) still exist now, and (c) could rationally be held responsible for the actions of the individuals who nailed him up.
We haven’t even gotten into the defense case yet… But yeah, I could easily knock this case out on a motion to dismiss.

Bud Moore Oh this makes sense. With everything else going on in the world, Ebola, ISIS, the Gaza strip, let’s sue the Jews for killing Jesus, a fictional character of mythology. While we’re at it, let’s sue the Joker for killing Jason Todd, the second Robin.

Maureen Cragg Ever hear of “nuisance” lawsuits?

Denalbert Gatap Nietsnie they should sue jesus for creating satan

Alex Matarese We should still care because it’s hilarious.

Peter Barber Who is he going to call as a witness?

Mrmein Fsam The Bible will bear witness!

Celeste South hopefully thrown out as a frivolous case and the lawyer is forced to pay the defendants legal costs (that’s what we do here in US).

Lisa Miller wut?

Victor Pulis Can the witnesses swear on the bible?!

Mrmein Fsam Thanks Obbama! (LOL) [I guess he means Obama :)]

Adelne De Parme ce qui est drole c’est que les avocat de la défense pourront utiliser un témoin inattendu… Mohammed, le prophéte l’a dit dans sa révélation, il est pas mort… les romains maladroits en ont crucifié un autre… Jean (l’apotre) l’a meme évoqué en rappelant qu’il y avait un second jésus surnommé barabbas dans les geoles romaines (barabbas voulant dire fils a papa)… l’enquete reste ouverte peut-il y avoir un crime sans victime d’un fils sans pére?
[which roughly translates into: what is funny is that the defense can call on an unexpected witness … Mohammed: the prophet said in his revelation, he is not dead … the clumsy Romans crucified someone else … John (the apostle) has even mentioned recalling that there was another Jesus Barabbas in Roman jails (Barabbas means son of the father) … the investigation remains open, can there be a victimless crime, son without a father?]:P

The original article can be found here: Kenyan lawyer sues ‘Israel’ for killing Jesus.

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