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Edward Snowden

Snowden revelations lead to more espionage paradox

The revelations made by the whistle-blower Edward Snowden paradoxically lead to more espionage, according to professor Bob de Graaff of the Utrecht University. The main reason seems to be that, given the revelations about the extent of NSA’s operations, other countries are given an excuse to do the same. Exactly because NSA is operating to such a vast extent, Bob de Graaff, professor of History at the Utrecht University, claims that other countries will follow suit and...

Blackphone official logo

Blackphone has already been cracked

A hacker by the name of Justin Case has managed to crack the Blackphone within five minutes. Not that it is so important that a phone is cracked. One would be surprised if it weren’t cracked. The interesting part is that the Blackphone is supposed to be based on security (and hence privacy); and cracking it within five minutes doesn’t seem secure enough. Geeksphone and SGP Technologies, the joint-venture behind the release of the Blackphone, have already patched some...

Sean Hannity and Russel Brand

Sean Hannity, Russell Brand, and the meaning of violence

This is probably not the last thoughts on violence that will pour out, and some passion is always involved when speaking of such issues. I have recently been sent a video about a ‘powerful’ response by Russell Brand to Sean Hannity from the Fox News. Certainly most people don’t even watch Fox News, and rightly so if Hannity is to be taken as a representative. Yet, there has been an interesting development that is troubling...