Bill Nye the …. guy

Bill Nye the .... guy

Bill Nye the …. guy

The most multifaceted guy. Reddit users call him “meh”, twitter users call him a “twat”, facebook users call him “smart”, and he calls himself “the science guy” (I guess facebook always wins, meh). So here he is, Bill Nye the <have your pick from below> guy.

  • Science (link)
    • I haven’t published a scientific paper (link)
    • I only hold a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering (link)
    • I list honorary degrees under education in my CV (link)
    • I don’t hold a PhD degree (no link, honorary degrees don’t count)
    • somehow that qualifies me to know philosophy (link)
    • at least Stephen Hawking was a science
    • Zizek has already addressed this ([amazon asin=1612194117&title=link])
    • I can’t distinguish science from politics/ethics (link)
  • I am not sure what my profession is (link and link)
    • my laboratory is my apartment (address and link)
    • I have written children’s books (link)
    • my serious work lacks scientific rigour (and outdated facts – [amazon asin=1250007135&text=link])
    • I host kids TV show (link)
    • engineer is not really science (no link, it’s just not)
    • (more of a Howard than a Sheldon) science (link)
  • totally look like young Uncle Abe (link)
    • over-sized bow ties (links US and [amazon asin=B0071KZVK6&text=UK] – latter is funnier)
    • couldn’t stand marriage after 7 weeks (link)
    • at least Dr. Oz is a Dr.
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  1. Ouch! But since the GMO flip-flop, yeah.

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