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You can submit all your interesting paradoxes that you want me to analyze, or take a look at, from my perspective. If you want to analyze a paradox yourself, there is the comments section. If that is not enough, drop me an email, and I will create a post with your name (in the long run, if there is going to be one, I just might make you a writer).

You are welcome to reproduce fractions of this blog, as long you give due credit to this website. This includes other blogs (for private and commercial use), but not direct printing and whole article copies. For translations, please contact me. Note: I speak 7 languages, and I will understand if the translation is messed up, unless it’s Urdu or something.

Who the hell are you to tell us about paradoxes and morality? You aren’t one of those moral crusaders are you?

I am a contradiction, hence the blog. Just an average guy who has a little time to spare and likes to question things. I am doing my PhD in philosophy, and an occasional break from serious work is highly needed to keep me sane. Besides that, I have a cat to prove that I am not. When it comes to morality, I am not sure whether I am liberal or a democrat, or even moral myself – if you find that strange, you haven’t read a book on morality yet. May I recommend you to do so? Don’t start with Nietzsche.

What do you do in your free time?

This blog. And I like to cook and eat great food, design products which will never hit the market, and find someone to use as my bouncing wall for strong opinions and strange ideas. I also like to make side notes to think about for a later moment.

Anything else we should know?

Nobody is forcing you, but if you are curious, get your own cat (I won’t let your curiosity kill mine) – or you could drop me an email.

Are you planning to get rich with this blog?

You certainly haven’t met many philosophers – we all plan to, but never do. Thought cancels action – literally! But no, this is just a pseudo-creative output of thoughts.

Why did you just mention your cat in a blog that has nothing to do with cats?

Start reading from above, and you will understand – if you don’t, you should be like water my friend!

Definition of paradox:

As this becomes a point of debate with many of articles posted in this blog, it seems prudent to define in what sense paradox is used by me most of the time. So here it is:

A paradox is an argument that proceeds from apparently true assumptions, by intuitively compelling arguments, yet leads to a conclusion which would be in conflict with our commonly held views.

Some philology seems too far away for my readers it seems:

para- : prior to, contrary to, distinct from; also beyond something

doxa : opinion, belief

So a paradox is something that is beyond common beliefs, or contrary to established opinions. A paradox is not necessarily an inherent contradiction; it has to do with belief and justification (even in analytic philosophy).

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