Science and ethics, through Wittgenstein’s Tractatus

Wittgenstein famously ends his Tractatus with the seventh proposition: “Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one should be silent.” (Ogden trans.) Simple enough, it would seem. Not able to say something meaningful, or add something meaningful to the conversation? Then better not speak at all! But this is not a sufficient explanation – it is precisely what is ‘meaningful’ that is at stake with this proposition. Let us put Tractatus in perspective first. For early (‘Tractarian’) Wittgenstein, […]

Bill Nye the …. guy

The most multifaceted guy. Reddit users call him “meh”, twitter users call him a “twat”, facebook users call him “smart”, and he calls himself “the science guy” (I guess facebook always wins, meh). So here he is, Bill Nye the <have your pick from below> guy. Science (link) I haven’t published a scientific paper (link) I only hold a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering (link) I list honorary degrees under education in my CV (link) I […]

Reflections on procrastination, and its paradox

In a near completion of my PhD, it is now a question whether I’d continue with writing on this blog, or take on a more serious approach to life and get a ‘job’. In the meantime, as there are still a couple of months left, I should at least try to populate the blog with more posts. In this particular one, I’ll start with a reflection on procrastination. What is at the core of putting […]