Making sense of Zizek’s choice for Trump

It was long speculated, but on 4th of November 2016 Zizek finally came out and said it: if he were an American citizen, he’d vote for Trump. Although the video provided is relatively short, the reasons are all there. Perhaps one needs to get over the shock of a self-proclaimed Marxist voting for someone like Trump – that is, someone who has typically been accused of fascism. But perhaps also there is a need for some […]

Is there a paradox in Kant’s ethics? Must we tell the truth?

There has been quite some misunderstanding in undergraduate courses on Kant’s moral philosophy. The general argument presented there is that Kant as a deontological thinker places greater value on duty/rules than on anything else. So the general argument that is presented to undergraduates in order to make them think further, is that Kant would under no circumstances allow lying. Those who study philosophy have certainly heard the famed axe-man scenario: A well-known murder knocks on […]

Kenyan lawyer sues ‘Israel’ for killing Jesus

This is admittedly some old news, but it just came to my attention recently. As it happens, a Kenyan lawyer – Dola Indidis – is suing Israel (among other entities, including the state of Italy, King Herod and Emperor Tiberius – as well as the very vague ones ‘Jewish teachers of law’ and ‘Jewish elders’) for the death of Jesus Christ. His aim is to bring those responsible to justice. An admirable aim, no doubt. That […]

Death of Marxism paradox – part 1

There is an intense debate on Marxism in the academia, on the validity of Marx’ theories, on the new Left and their use of Marxism, on how much Marx there is left in neo-Marxism, and so on. This debate, it seems, is primarily in the academia – one does not find much Marxism in politics, or public debates, or even worker unions. Is it valid, then, to say that Marxism is dead? And not only […]