Making sense of Zizek’s choice for Trump

It was long speculated, but on 4th of November 2016 Zizek finally came out and said it: if he were an American citizen, he’d vote for Trump. Although the video provided is relatively short, the reasons are all there. Perhaps one needs to get over the shock of a self-proclaimed Marxist voting for someone like Trump – that is, someone who has typically been accused of fascism. But perhaps also there is a need for some […]

The paradox of freedom – a response

The paradox of freedom article has generated an interesting debate on the possibility of a solution. Where it was initially claimed that the paradox of freedom does not have a solution, the contention now is that there is more to the paradox than said initially. As Joe Weinstein promptly observes, the connection between freedom and chaos is arbitrarily made and follows my presuppositions of a Hobbesian (and to an extent Arendtian) view – however, this presupposition […]

Paradox of choice – part 2

In a previous article on paradox of choice, I concluded that Barry Schwartz was mistaken in identifying choice with desire. Hence, the paradox of choice presented by him touches upon the value of choice for purchased goods and the role the variety of choices has as an effect. Schwartz’ conclusion is that too much choice leads to paralysis on the one hand, and diminishes our happiness after the choice is made on the other. It is the […]

Paradox of choice, Buridan’s ass, and a recommendation on jeans

Barry Schwartz has recently appeared with an emphatic statement that choice does not make us free, unlike our Western belief system seems to suggest. Quite the opposite, it paralyzes us. And even if we are able to overcome paralysis, we end up less satisfied than we would be (or is it could?). At least, that’s how it works with too much choice, according to Schwartz. This is what he calls the paradox of choice. He […]