Friedrich Nietzsche and Lou von Salomé, the myth of marriage proposals

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  1. Eva Cybulska says:

    Who is the author of this piece?

    Congratulations on your attempt to smash this myth created by Salomé, who was obsessed with a fantasy of men proposing marriage to her. She embellished it with an image of leaving behind such men, on their knees, with their fantasised passion for her unrequited. For once, Nietzsche’s sister was correct in her appraisal of Salomé yet it was her who took the blame.

    • ippolit says:

      I am the author. Thank you for the comment 🙂

      • Eva Cybulska says:

        I’m still not clear what is your name and who you are.
        Here is the lnk to my blog with further links to many publications on Nietzsche:

        • ippolit says:

          Hi, sorry. Should have been clearer. I write under the pen name of Ippolit Belinski, i recently finished my PhD in philosophy and now teach at a university in UK. I’m still looking for a position involving research so i can focus more on publishing. I’ll make sure to have a look at your blog too.

          Edit: Took a look at your blog – Augen-blick is a nice little poem. Very much to my liking in style and content.

          I had come across some of your Nietzsche diagnosis before. Not saying that i don’t agree, but i do fail to see how, say, bipolar disorder, improves our interpretations or views of Nietzsche’s philosophy. Accepting of course that Nietzsche himself would be the first to acknowledge the importance of the philosopher to their philosophy. Elaborating from your side is welcome.

  2. Eva Cybulska says:

    Why do yo need to hide behind the mask of Ippolit?
    I’m not interested in communicating with phantoms, hence it it my last reply to you in this forum. Unless you have the guts and integrity to own up to your views in your authentic name.

    • ippolit says:

      Well… I suggest you reread Ecce Homo (and some passages in BGE) – masks are not only inevitable, they are new encounters – they do not only conceal, they are possibilities of new power relations. Ultimately, authenticity is not in a name. But as you will, if that is the deal breaker, so it will break.

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